According to Ayurveda, weak digestion system causes incomplete burning of food which results into incomplete excretion of waste material from the body and accumulation of such undigested product in the body known as ‘Ama’ or toxins. These toxins travel through blood in different parts of the body such as joints and start accumulating there and cause inflammation. Such inflammation results into swelling, redness, edema and pain. Other causes for joint pain could be injuries, overweight and mechanical problems. In that pursuance, Dr. Ortho has been prepared by blending of time tested Ayurvedic herbs to provide medicinally important active ingredients to help in various pain conditions as well as to rejuvenate the body. Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil is one of the best Ayurvedic pain relief oil to help relieving from back pain, leg pain, joint pain, muscle pain and knee pain. Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic Capsules contain nutritionally important active ingredients which benefits in correcting underlying factors to rejuvenate cells and tissues. Thus, Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic products are the complete Ayurvedic pain relief regime to help in pain management.

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