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Your skin is very smooth and contains tiny holes which are known as pores. Some time, these pores are blocked with dirt, oil and blocked by oil. These blocked pores may develop as a pimple on your skin. If these types of pimples are occur repeatedly then you may have acne. Acne is one of the common problem from which young girls and boys are suffering. Sometime, Acne becomes a painful although it is not a life threatening problem.

Cause of Acne: Repeatedly developing pimple or “zit” can be due to Acne. It arises when pores of your skin become blocked due to dirt, sand, dead skin, accumulation of oil and toxic substances. There is small tiny pores have opening to the follicle. These follicles are made up of hair and sebaceous gland. Sebaceous gland release oil which travel up the hair from the follicles and come onto the skin. This oil is responsible of making your skin lubricated and smooth. So, one of the leading cause of Acne can be problem in the lubrication process. The blockage of oil in follicles due to dirt, pollution can be lead to acne.
There are certain risk factors associated with Acne which are:

  • Hormonal changes due to puberty or pregnancy.
  • Diet high in carbohydrate and refined sugars.
  • Medications such as corticosteroids and birth control pill.

How I am able to diagnose acne?If you think pimples are repeatedly occurring on your skin then you have to consult a physician. She/he should be able to confirm a diagnosis by examining your skin.
How Acne can be prevented?There are some natural Ayurvedic remedies that can help to relieve from the Acne. You can use Ayurvedic medicinal ointments which are formulated from herbs like Aloe Vera and cucumber and completely free from chemically synthesized molecules.

  • Wash your face twice daily with Roop Mantra face wash which is rich to cucumber.
  • Use Roop Mantra Ayurvedic cream to remove the excess oil.
  • Avoid makeup that contains excess oil.
  • Clean the skin thoroughly before bed with Roop Mantra face wash.
  • After exercise clean body with shower.
  • Avoid tight fitting cloths.


What is Acne?
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