foods to avoid in ostearthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is an inflammatory condition that can cause severe joint pain and swelling. Its symptoms can be aggravated by eating certain foods. Avoiding certain foods becomes necessary to avoid triggering OA flare-up.

Sugar to Avoid in Osteoarthritis

Sugar-rich foods such as cakes, cookies and sweets can actually weaken your immune system. And this can lead to inflammation and weakness in joints.Avoid Too much suger in ostearthritis

Salt to Avoid in Osteoarthritis

Eating too much salt (sodium) causes your cells to retain water. As a result chances of inflammation and joint damage increase.Avoid salt in ostearthritis

Fried Food to Avoid in Osteoarthritis

Excess oil in food can increase cholesterol level in body which furthers results in joint issues.Fried Food to avoid in ostearthritis

Dairy Products to Avoid in Osteoarthritis

Dairy products are high in fats due to which Arthritis pain can trigger. Limit the intake of butter, cream, cheese and full fat milk.Dairy Products to avoid in ostearthritis

White Flour to Avoid in Osteoarthritis

Refined wheat products, like white bread, pastas and cereals stimulate your body’s inflammatory response which can increase arthritis pain.White Floor to avoid in ostearthritis

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What Foods You Must Avoid Eating in Osteoarthritis
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