About Accumass Ayurvedic Weight Gain Powder
Accumass Ayurvedic weight gain granule is an herbal based nutritional supplement which is enriched with carefully chosen herbs from Ayurveda. Accumass is touted to help in increase body mass and lean muscle in persons to equalize their body mass ratio (BMI). Accumass weight gain Granules are blend of 18 herbs which enable it to provide Ayurvedic medicinal properties. In our daily busy lifestyle, we are suffering from unwanted stress and routine challenges. Skipping meals, unwanted stress, fatigue, lack of efficiency and consciousness are most common symptoms in person who are underweight. According to BMI guidelines, person with BMI ratio less than 18.5 are considered as underweight. Accumass Ayurvedic weight gainer granule is the blend of time tested potent Ayurvedic herbs which helps to improve the BMI ratio of the body in natural way. Accumass Ayurvedic Granules for weight gain contains the optimum sophisticated natural herbs which help to gently reduce the hyperactivity of metabolic process.
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Normally, people with low BMI ratio have high metabolic rate and weak immune system. Herbs present in the Accumass weight gain Granules are beneficial in the improvement of immune system. Accumass Ayurvedic weight gain Granules are the blend of Ashawgandha, Shatawari, Kadali, Vatada (Prunus amygdalus) Fruit*, Kharjura (Phoenix sylvestris) Fruit*, Amalaki (Emblica officinalis) Fruit pericarp*, Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris) Fruit*, Draksha (Vitis venifera) Fruit*, Vidari (Pueraria tuberosa) Root*, Varahi (Dioscorea bulbifera) Rhizome#, Seba (Pyrus malus) Fruit*, Pipli (Piper longum) Fruit*, Maricha (Piper nigrum) Fruit*, Shunti (Zingiber officinale) Dried Rhizome*, Ela (Elettaria cardamomun) Fruit*, Jeeraka (Cuminum cyminum) Fruit*, Mushli (Asparagus adscendens) Root*, Sarala (Pinus roxburghii) Heart wood#. Each and every active constituent is well known its tremendous results. Accumass weight gain granules help to increase the anabolic (ability to promote growth of lean body mass) rate in the body. Accumass Ayurvedic weight gain Granules help to relieve from metabolic disorder and increase the absorption of the essential nutrients in the body. In this way, Accumass weight gain Granules help to fulfill the demand of nutrients to the body. Accumass is free from the chemically synthesized compound. Our team gives a great emphasis on the taste, flavoring and colour of the product. Accumass is available in caramel colour and in chocolate taste so that people of all age can enjoy it while drinking. Accumass is available for both men and women who are desired to gain weight and strong immunity.
How to use Ayurvedic Accumass Weight Gain Granules ?
Recommended dosage:
– Accumass weight gainer Granules are available for all ages.
– For Adult: Add two scoops (10g each) into the glass or shaker. Now pour lukewarm milk in the glass. Shake or stir well and drink it immediately.
– For Children: Add one scoop (10g) into the glass or shaker. Now pour lukewarm milk in the glass. Shake or stir well and drink it immediately.
– For optimal results, use Accumass weight gain Granules with the Accumass weight gain capsules and do exercise regularly.

What is the cost of Ayurvedic Accumass Weight Gain Powder?
Accumass Ayurvedic Weight Gain Granules are available on all leading stores at affordable prices. Accumass Ayurvedic gain Granules are available at INR 548. Accumass Ayurvedic mass gainer capsules are available in 60 capsules pack which cost INR 336.

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Accumass Weight Gainer Pack & Price: 525gm for Rs 548/-
Available at: Buy Online Best Weight Gainer Powder - Ayurvedic Accumass Granules at Divisastore

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