Constipation can be of different kinds. Occasional constipation, chronic constipation, travel-related or age-related constipation. Here is the list of the top five Best Constipation Relief products available in the market. Just give them a try!

1. Best Ayurvedic Constipation Churna – Pet Saffa


Pet Saffa, Natural Laxative Granules is the Ayurvedic based formulation to help in maintaining regular bowel movements to ensure proper cleansing of the body. Ayurvedic Pet Saffa is developed under stringent quality parameter with scientifically woven classical formulation to help in relieving from constipation.

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2. Kayam Churna – Kabz Churna


Kayam churna is claimed to be beneficial in Chronic constipation, acidity, gas, headache and mouth ulcer. Kayam Churna contains yashtimadhu. People with diabetes, high BP, high potassium levels (hyperkalemia) need to take this only under medical supervision. Kayam churna is not recommended for children.

Pack & Price: 100gm in Just Rs 65 – Buy Now

3. Nityam Churna Ayurvedic laxative

Nityam Churna Ayurvedic laxative

Zandu Nityam Churna is an Ayurvedic laxative specially prepared for those who are suffering from the problem of constipation. It relieves them from the problem of chronic constipation and associated symptoms such as flatulence, nausea and acidity.

Pack & Price: 100gm in Just Rs 54 – Buy Now

4. Sat-Isabgol (Psyllium Husks)

Sat-Isabgol (Psyllium Husks)

Sat-Isabgol (Psyllium Husks) – For relief from chronic constipation and associated symptoms of flatulence, nausea and acidity. Eases bowel evacuation in painful conditions of piles and fissures.

Pack & Price: 100gm in Just Rs 90 – Buy Now

5. Ezelax Laxtive Powder

Ezelax Laxtive Powder

Ezelax Laxtive Powder useful as an adjuvant in hemorrhoids, liver cirrhosis and cognitive therapy. Constipation during postoperative and non-ambulatory periods

Pack & Price: 100gm in Just Rs 89 – Buy Now

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Top 5 Best Constipation Relief Powders In India
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  2. main pet saffa powder use kar hun, ab kafi aaram hai
    dhanyawad pet saffa har rog daffa

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