1.  HealthKart Slim Shake :

HealthKart Slim Shake 0.5 kg Mango is a scientific, delicious and nutritious way to manage weight without sacrificing health and taste. Rich mango flavoured shake serves 14 g proteins, 4.6g fibres, 27 vitamins and minerals per serving, when mixed with 300ml skimmed milk. When you replace HealthKart Slim Shake with an average Indian meal and you end up saving up to 700 calories. Each serving will keep you full for 4-5 hours. A result of intensive scientific research HealthKart SlimShake Mango is free from side effects and a healthy, nutritious way to maintain weight.

  • 240 Calories
  • 14 g Proteins
  • 4.6g Fiber
  • 27 Vitamins and Minerals


How to Use :

Mix in a shaker or blender 40g (2 scoops) HealthKart Slim Shake 0.5 kg Mango mix in 300ml skimmed milk. Replace a meal to lose/maintain weight.


 2.  Sleek and Slim :

Sleek & Slim Powder is designed according to lifestyle and eating habits of today generation. After a deep research on Ayurveda, the preparation of this product is done which helps the people who are suffering from fat or obesity. It contains all natural herbs which help in reducing fat or the obesity; improve energy level and helps in building a proper body shape.

Sleek & Slim Powder is associated with twelve natural herbal extract which has their different characteristics. It not just cut down the weight but also reduces the problems associated with obesity. The natural extracts present in this powder give you an effective result and healthy body.


Benefits :

  • Scrap excessive adipose tissue from the body
  • Regulate fat metabolism by enzymatic action
  • Improve Fat Digestion
  • Reduce obesity
  • Overcome Laziness
  • Enhance Daily Activity
  • Boost Performance to do all everyday activities

How to Use :

Take two scoops of Sleek and Slim powder i.e. 25g before morning meal with skimmed milk or lukewarm water.


 3.  Incredio Weight Loss Shake :

The simple science behind weight loss is to control calorie consumption and improve calorie burning. Incredio Meal Replacement Shake helps you manage calorie intake in a healthy and nutritious way.

How to Use :

1 Glass of prepared Incredio Shake-A-Meal (40 grams shake mix in 300 ml skimmed milk) provides you.


4.  Nutriley Slimley Powder :

Ingredients (Each 10 Gms) :

Harar (Terminalia chebula) 4 gm, Ajowain (Carum couticum) 750 mg, Chitrak mool (Plum bago zeylanica) 750 mg, Trikatu (Piper nigrum, piper longum, zingiber officinale) 500 mg, Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) 2 gm, Shudha  guggal (Commiphora  mukul) 2 gm.


How to use :

Mix 10 Gms Powder in milk, Water, Juice – Take It twice a day.


5.  Guarana Fat Burner :

Gurana Fat Burner tablets contain the extracts of guarana, a Brazilian fruit. It helps you by enhancing your immunity and delaying the onset of fatigue. Also, it acts as a stimulant and helps in increasing mental alertness, enhance physical endurance and stamina. The antioxidants present in these tablets enhance the natural defence system of your body and thus protects you against various harmful infections.

In addition to the above benefits, these tablets are useful in weight loss by boosting metabolic processes. Guarana is believed to act as a diuretic, like caffeine, which makes you urinate more, thus aiding in effective weight loss.  The active ingredients present in these tablets speed up the metabolic process, help in reducing fats rapidly and suppress appetite thus, reducing your overall calorie intake. Hence, Guarana Fat Burner tablets are a great way to lose weight, and lead a healthy and long life.

These are the India Top 5 Weight Loss Products in India.



Top 5 Ayurvedic Weight Loss Products in India
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