Tips for Height Gain

How important is height? Ask this question to a guy with stunned growth. You probably get the right answer from him. A tall height is one of the main prerequisites required to be look attractive. To increase height you need effort, motivation and determination and from all of above a unique diet plan. According to Ayurveda, every individual has unique body type and need a special care. With the knowledge of Ayurveda and by use of modern techniques we have developed More Power capsules that help to increase body mass through holistic approach. More power capsules work synergistic-ally when taken in prescribed dosage form.

Here we listed some tips that help to increase height in synergistic-ally manner when followed along with More power capsules:

Tips for height increase – More Power

Diet plan: Stick to a diet plan which is helpful to increase your height. Drink two glass of milk every day as it contain calcium, proteins, vitamin B-12 and Vitamin D in abundance. Along with this, add yogurt, turnips, Rhubarb, dry seeds and nuts, peas and beans, spinach and oatmeal in your diet.

Eating often:

Try to eat frequently after every 3-4 hours and take small meals. Eating frequently helps to increases the uptake of mineral and macro nutrient in the body. It is advised to take 6 meals per day which include three light meals and three heavy meals.

Increase calorie consumption:

Try to enhance your daily calories consumption. By enhancing the calories intake, you can easily increase the uptake of essential nutrients in the body. Consume healthy food enriched in protein, minerals & vitamins that contain high calorie content such as pulses, peas, beans, dairy products, potatoes, sea food, etc in your daily diet.

Take snacks in between the lunch and dinner:

Try to take snacks in between lunch and dinner. You can take snacks between 4:00-6:00 PM.

Try soya foods:

Soya food contain high amount of calories. One cup of soya milk contains approximately 100 – 120 calories. Soy milk is a good source of protein, iron, B-vitamins and heart-healthy unsaturated fats.

Take a balanced diet regimen: Prepare your diet chart with the help of your dietician or physician and follow that chart on daily basis. Try to maintain meals in sequence as start from before breakfast, after breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, Dinner and end up with before bed.
Remain hydrated: Try to remain hydrated and drink water frequently to increase your height. If you don’t like the taste of water then you can add lemon, watermelon, strawberries and other fruits or cucumber in it.

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