Roop Mantra Zero Pimple Gel over Acne Star

Among the various skin problems, the most common and irritating one is Acne or pimple. The excess production of oil from the oil glands clogs the tiny skin pores and the dead skin cells or dirt accumulates in the pores causing acne to the skin.

For this problem various products are available in the market. Today we’ll discuss about two well-known brands Roop Mantra Zero Pimple Gel and Acne Star. Both these products are effective in removing acne, pimples and marks from the facial skin.

Roop Mantra Zero Pimple Gel is marketed by Divisa Herbal Care. Acne star is launched by Mankind Pharma Ltd. as a topical ointment for acne.

Key Ingredients

  • Roop Mantra Zero Pimple Gel is a rich blend of herbal extracts which are pure and natural. These include Rosemary, Tea tree oil, and Green tea, Marigold, Lemon, Aloe Vera, Tulsi, Neem, Cucumber, Onion and Mentha.
  • Acne Star is composed of clindamycin phosphate IP (1.0%) and Nicotinamide IP (4.0%).

Packaging and Price

  • Roop Mantra Zero Pimple Gel comes in a tiny tube with a screw open cap on top. Under the cap, there is a tiny nozzle that dispenses the product without any wastage. The key ingredients are mentioned both on the outer and inner pack. It is available at 136 INR for 15g.
  • Acne Star Gel is available in a buffed tube packaging with a white screw cap. Detailed information is mentioned in a pamphlet provided inside the box. It is available at 70 INR for 15g.


  • Roop Mantra Zero Pimple Gel helps to remove pimples, acne, blemishes, dark spots, blackheads, dead cells and makes skin healthy and clean.
  • Acne Star helps to clear pimples, whiteheads and blackheads only.

As both the products help to remove acne/pimples but Roop Mantra Zero Pimple Gel is an ayurvedic anti-acne gel and all its ingredients are herbal which makes it more effective. Whereas Acne Star is an allopathic form and the ingredients of it are not suitable for all skin types and can cause redness to the skin with tingling action. So, it is advisable to take a patch test before usage. Roop Mantra Zero Pimple Gel is suitable to all skin types and is an acne removal gel.


Roop Mantra Zero Pimple Gel Over Acne Star
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