“It’s easy to stand with the crowd but it takes courage to stand alone”- this saying comes true for a lady named #SunithaKrishnan who was gang-raped when she was 12 years old. Although she was a victim of such mournful incident, she didn’t lost her courage. Challenging the rules of male dominated country, she stood up and started rescuing and rehabilitating the victims of sex-trafficking into society. She started an anti-trafficking organization named “Prajwala” to fight against sexual exploitation. This organization works with the police and other law enforcement agencies for giving support to the raped victims. #Prajwala provides different skills for their livelihood and also tries to unite the victims with their families. This organization not only delivers mental support to the victims but also takes care of the victims till their last breath.
Roop Mantra Appreciates Sunitha Krishnan - A Helping Hand for Sexually Exploited Victims - #BeyondPink
#RoopMantra appreciates Sunitha Krishnan for her extraordinary effort towards the society.

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