Preity Zinta as Brand Ambassador of Roop mantra


Famous Actress Priety Zinta and Divisa Herbal Care’s co-founder Mr. Sanjeev Juneja during the Press Conference.

Mumbai – Divisa Herbal Care’s renowned Roop Mantra Cream – is now associated with dimpled beauty of Bollywood – Preity Zinta as a Brand Ambassador. In a Press Conference in Mumbai, Company’s Co-founder Mr. Sanjeev Juneja stated that Preity Zinta is a perfect combination of brain and beauty. She has not only ruled millions of hearts with her beauty and dimpled smile but she has the right success mantra with which she climbed the ladder of Success.


All the leading newspapers, famous entertainment houses and news channels were part of this press conference conglomerate. Preity Zinta was found in good cheers all through the event. All the Queries were answered by her in a very enthusiastic and jolly mood. She further shared the impact she had on her by the national and entertainment award being given to the Ayurvedic product, further influencing her decision to use it personally. She strongly stressed on the product use.

Apart from this, a government related suggestion was given by her. She laid the importance to provide special exemption to women and simultaneously suggested strong measures against the increasing piracy in movies. On posed with the question `what is the secret of your beautiful skin?’ She answered confidently with a smile that “Roop Mantra Cream is the reason behind her healthy, glowing and beautiful skin”. Preity Zinta advocated the use of Ayurvedic product laying the significance of its herbal nature (chemical free). In the light laughing mode, questions connected with her personal life were averted.


At the end of press conference, Mr. Sanjeev Juneja gave the credit to employees, sellers and customers for the success of the company. He further added that he has completed the print as well as the shoot with Preity Zinta and with time the company will soon advertise it.

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