How to get rid of colic in babies?
How to get rid of colic in babies-mother-sparsh

Colic in babies is seen often. Colic can be because of infant immature digestive system and can be caused by allergies. You can prevent colic in babies by:-


Hold your baby upright when feeding to prevent them swallowing air especially after a feed.



Feed smaller amounts more frequently.

avoid too much caffeine-mother-sparsh

If breast-feeding avoid too much caffeine in your diet.

Try to soothe your baby-mother-sparsh


Try to soothe your baby with movement such as vibration (for example by taking a trip out in the car).
Ayurvedic Mother Sparsh Gripe Water-Mother-Sparsh

Give him Ayurvedic Mother Sparsh Gripe Water made up of Saunf and Pudina.


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