Cleansing baby’s eyes is an essential part of Baby’s overall hygiene. Learn important Tips (Step by step guide) on How to clean an infant’s eye.
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How to Clean Baby’s Eyes – Baby’s Cleaning & Hygiene

How to Clean Baby's Eyes - Baby's Cleaning & HygieneEyes are considered to be mirror of soul. Baby’s eyes truly mirror what they are inside-pure & innocent. Their eyes gaze in wonder at the colorful new world around them. Eyes need proper care and good hygiene. Keeping baby’s eyes healthy does not need much effort, all it requires is a regular cleaning routine.

Step 1 – Remove all Accessories

How to Clean Baby's Eyes -Remove all AccessoriesBefore initiating the process of cleaning, remove all accessories like rings, bracelet, watch, bangles which might hurt, irritate or hinder cleaning process.

Step2 – Clean your Hands


How to Clean Baby's Eyes-Clean your HandsWash your hands properly as newborns skin is delicate and readily prone to infections and allergies.

Step 3 – Make Sure Your Nails are Properly Trimmed

How to Clean Baby's Eyes-Nails are Properly TrimmedAlways make sure that your nails are properly trimmed. Long nails can harm baby’s eyes & skin and moreover there are chances of infections due to long nails.

Step 4 – Use Cotton Balls or Water Wipes

How to Clean Baby's Eyes by Cotton Balls-Water WipesGather all necessities beforehand. Don’t leave your baby unattended even for a single second. For cleaning Baby’s eyes use cotton balls or water wipes.


Step 5 – Use Luke Warm Water

How to Clean Baby's Eyes-Use Luke Warm WaterUse lukewarm Water. Make sure water is not too hot or too cold. Check the temperature before using.

Step 6 – Use Soft Towel

How to Clean Baby's Eyes-Use Soft TowelKeep a soft towel near you so that you can use it whenever needed.

How to Clean Baby's EyesClean corner of Baby’s eye by gently wiping from inside to outside. Use different cotton balls for each eye. Distract your baby’s with some toys or by singing so that he/she does not gets irritated.

Mother Sparsh Baby Water Wipes

Baby Water WipesMother Sparsh Water Wipes are the purest wipes with extra moisture that provide gentle sparsh to your baby for keeping your baby comfortable, happy & smiling.


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