How to beat Constipation Naturally

Constipation, one of major problem that is associated with our sedentary lifestyle. Too much inactivity, indoor works and unhealthy lifestyle lead to obesity and constipation which disturbs our heath and metabolism.

When we analyze Our Daily Routines flaws that lead to these problems such as Constipation and obesity, then most common thing that comes in our mind is sedentary lifestyle and processed food. In metropolitan cities, it’s difficult to find fresh air and vegetables to eat. Due to unavailability of such basic requirements our body become exhausted and functions of body gets disturbed.

Nature is the best healer. To protect your body from such ailment, you must have to indulge in nature and natural things. There are numbers of elements available in our surrounding that provide us positivity and cure from various ailments.If you want to get relief from constipation and obesity, then try these simple natural steps:

Feel Fresh Every Morning for relief from constipation

1. Get a Lovely Walk in Fresh Air:

Spend some time in morning for walk or cycling. It helps to sooth you mind and relaxes your body. Intake of fresh air helps to regulate body mechanisms. A normal walk of 15-30 minute helps in optimal working of digestive system and body. You can do Yoga, Aerobics and other exercises in morning.

Natural Fresh Vegetables for constipation problem
2. Natural Fresh Vegetables:

Fresh vegetables are high in insoluble fiber. Some of digestive veggies such as spinach, lettuce, kale, arugula, watercress, Whole peas, pea pods, Kernel corn and brinjal helps in constipation. But some of vegetables contain enzyme raffinose, such as carrot and beans that may cause gas and flatulence. So, avoid such food during constipation. Boil vegetables in hot water before cooking. Avoid foods that contain white flour like maida, white sugar or other processed food.

Giving Perfect relief from constipation3. Sitting Position:

Try to maintain good toilet position. It may be useful to reduce strain in patients with constipation. In India, traditionally squatty toilet seats are used which helps to keep your knees bent and relaxes the puborectalis muscles. In this position, puborectalis muscle allows anorectal angle to straighten and the bowel to empty completely. If you are using “Western Style sitting toilet” then you can use small table or stool downside your feet to keep your knee bent.

Natural Remedies for Constipation
4. Natural Remedies for Constipation:

You can also Beat Constipation Naturally by using natural herbs such as senna, ajwain, kala namak, triphala, sounf, nisot and jeera. These herbs are work great as a natural laxative. In Pet Saffa natural laxative granules, these natural laxatives herbs are presents as a chief ingredient and work tremendously to Get relieve from Constipation.

Yoga Asanas for Constipation

5. Exercise or Yoga:

A few minutes of daily yoga practice can help to provide relief from constipation. As most of yoga poses involve pelvic movement and help to prevent straining and bloating of stomach. It also helps to increase blood flow and oxygen in body. You can try Yoga Asanas for Constipation on regularly basis such as peacock pose, sitting half spinal twist, plough pose and wind relieving pose.

To know more about constipation click on link.

How to Beat Constipation Naturally ?
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  1. kayam churna is best

    • Hello, We do not know about Kayam Churan and the raw materials they use. We can give you our product’s composition and its beneficial effects in helping treat acute and chronic constipation. Pet Saffa is all natural enriched with goodness of 11 herbs like Senna,Ajwain,Ispaghula,Triphala,Saunf etc.It helps to get relieve from acute/ chronic constipation, gastric, headache , acidity and indigestion associated with

      • Senna is habit forming and should not be taken for long time, so I feel pet saffa is not good for long term.

        • Hello,according to classical Ayurvedic texts it is nowhere mentioned that it is habit forming. For reference see the attached image. Cassia Fistula is Senna,see the highlighted text in the image attached. Thank you.

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