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If you are suffering from joint pain then obviously you’ve tried pain relief formulas before. But due to extensive pain most of the pain relief formulas fail to work. In these situations Herbal Massage oil such as Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic oil works synergistically to relieve from joint pain even in chronic pain conditions. Dr.Ortho Ayurvedic herbal Massage oil for joint pain is enriched with ancient herbal oils such as alsi oil, camphor oil, pepper mint, cheed oil, gandapura oil, jyotishmati oil, til oil and nirgundi oil. These oils are mixed in a unique composition to formulate the Dr.Ortho Ayurvedic oils. Here, we listed some of the benefits of herbal oils used in Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic joint pain oil:
 Linum usitatissimum:
• Known as ‘Linseed or Alsi oil’.
• Rich source of healing compounds and anti-inflammatory compounds.
• Contains essential Fatty Acids specifically, omega 3-Fatty Acids, which has the capability to reduce inflammation in joints and muscles.
• Benefits in lessening of sudden and severe joint pain or swelling.
 Cinnamomum camphora:
• Commonly known as ‘Camphor oil’.
• Possess analgesic effects and helps in stimulating the blood circulation across cold, stiff muscles and limbs.
• Useful in various painful conditions such as joint pain and sore pain
 Mentha piperita:
• Commonly known as Pepper mint.
• Highly valuable in chronic pain conditions such as body ache, joint and muscular pains.
 Pinus roxburghii:
• Commonly known as Cheed oil.
• Well known for analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity.
• Rich source of saponins and flavonoids that have inhibitory effects on enzyme involved in the induction of inflammations.
 Gaultheria fragrantissima:
• Commonly known as Gandapura
• Posses anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties.
• Gentle application of ‘Gandapura’ benefits in various pains associated with joints, muscles and rheumatism.
 Vitex negundo:
• Commonly known as ‘Nirgundi oil.
• Beneficial in neuralgia, aches and pains.
 Celastrus paniculatus:
• Commonly known as seed oil of ‘Jyotishmati’
• contains effective phytochemicals that helps in reducing pain associated with muscles, joints and shoulders.
• Presence of active molecules helps in the inhibition of the inflammation inducing intermediates.
 Sesamum indicum:
• Til oil’ has many advantageous in relieving from mild to severe pain.
• Til oil has been designated as one of the best alternative and complementary approach to reduce in pain associated with muscles, joints and shoulders

Herbal Massage Oil – Ayurvedic Dr.Ortho Pain Oil
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