How to get rid of Joint Pain & ayurvedic oil

To get relieve from joint pain, you require a proper daily routine which include daily massage, intake of dietary supplements, exercise and yoga. In Ayurveda, an individual is considered as bundle of five elements that are earth (prithvi), water (jal), fire ( agni), air ( vayu) and ether or space ( akash). These elements are known as pancha maha bhutas. These pancha-mahabhutas combine into tri-doshas force that governs and determine our physical and mental conditions. When these doshas or body energies get disturbed then they cause the joint pain. To get these doshas in the balanced state, Dr.Ortho Ayurvedic joint pain oil and capsules work in synergistic manner. Along with this, you can follow these easy steps in your daily routine to get relieve from joint pain.

  1. Daily massage:

Daily massage is helpful in relieve from joint pain. Massage twice a day gently with Dr.Ortho Ayurvedic oil over the affected joint. Take 5 to 10 ml oil on your palm and apply and massage gently for 10-15 minutes over affected joints. Dr.Ortho Ayurvedic oil helps to increase the blood circulation around the joint and provide a soothing and calm effect.

  1. Dietary supplements:

Dietary supplements are essential to relieve from join pain. Dietary supplements can be minerals, vitamins, herbs, fatty acids and fiber. You can take 2 capsules of Dr.Ortho Ayurvedic capsules which contain potent herbs that are rich in minerals and vitamins. These capsules are helpful to fulfill the dietary requirement and remove the toxic substances from the body.

  1. Exercise:

Regular exercise can be helpful to relieve from joint pain. A low impact exercises are always preferred for patients with joint pain. Exercises such as swimming and bike riding are one of the best exercises which put a low pressure over the joints. It is advised to do exercises in the proper guidance of well trained person.

  1. Green veggies and foods:

Add green veggies in your daily diet plans that are rich in enzyme, phyto-chemicals and nutrients. When you take a meal containing green veggies on empty stomachs then they help to bolster and repair of cells. So, try to take a glass of lemon water in morning followed by green juice to decrease inflammation and joint pain.

  1. Yoga: 

Yoga is natural and effective way to get relieve from joint pain. it helps to uproot effectively joint pain. You can try warrior pose, Bow pose, Bridge pose, triangle pose, camel pose and Dolphin plank pose to get relieve from joint pain. Do these poses in the proper guidance of qualified trainer. Use proper yoga blocks and cushions while yoga practices.

  1. Hydration: 

Drink at least 6 liter water in a day to get hydrated. Try to add salt or lemon in water as it helps to increase the mineral levels in the body. In morning, drink a glass of lemon water to wash your gastric tract. If your digestion is slow then you can add ½ tea spoon of ginger root powder in it.

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