Effective Home Remedies for Skin Tightening

As we grow old, our skin starts losing its natural elasticity which leads to sagging of skin. Here are some easy-to-do home remedies which are effective in tightening the skin and reduce premature signs of aging.

Yogurt Helps in Skin Tightening

Applying a mixture of lime juice & yogurt on your face helps shrink the pores, tightens the skin and also impart a natural glow to your face.Apply a mixture of lime juice and yougurt for Skin Tightening

Papaya Helps in Skin Tightening

Papaya face pack helps tighten sagging skin because it is a rich source of vitamin A and antioxidants and it also keep your skin smooth and supple.Apply papya face pack for Skin Tightening

Fuller’s Earth Helps in Skin Tightening

Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti) displays a deep cleansing action when applied on skin and absorb all the impurities leaving the skin toned & fresh.Apply fullers earth on face for Skin Tightening

Lemon Juice Helps in Skin Tightening

Application of lemon juice on the skin is beneficial in tightening the skin due to the presence of vitamin C and its astringent properties.Apply leamon juice for Skin Tightening

Tomato Helps in Skin Tightening

Tomato juice is a natural toner that firms up loose and saggy skin and the antioxidants of it keep your skin healthy & glowing.Apply Tomato Juice for Skin Tightening

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Effective Home Remedies Which Helps in Skin Tightening
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