Ayurvedic Muscle Pain and Joint Pain Oil

Mostly people confuse with the terms joint pain and muscle pain. Muscle pain is very common in people of young and old age. It can be due to excessive uses of muscles, weakness in particular muscle area, injury, strain, spasm and other related causes. In medical terms, muscle pain is known as “myalgia”. Muscle pain can be indication or symptom of many other disease and disorders.

On the other hand, joint pain occurs when there is disturbance between the joints or lack of synovial fluid in the joints. In medical terms, joint pain is termed as “Arthralgia”. As joints are crucial part of our body, so any kind of disturbance in joints can cause joint pain.

Let’s discuss the cause of joint pain:

Joint pain can be due to various reasons, such as:

  1. Disturbance in body dodshas.
  2. Injury on joints, ligaments, tendons and bursae.
  3. Lack of synovial fluid.
  4. Accumulation of toxins in the body.

On the other hand, Muscle pain can be due to:

  1. Muscle tension or stress.
  2. Excessive activity of muscles.
  3. Joint injuries.
  4. Disease and disorders such as fibromyalgia, dystonia, prophyria, claudication and others.

To relieve from pain, try to avoid lifting heavy weights as it can cause stiffness of muscles. Prepare you diet plan, according to you pain condition. If you are obese then try to reduce your body weight, as it provides more pressure on the joints. You can also apply Dr.Ortho Ayurvedic oil on affected joint, to get relief.

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