Daily Routine & Tips to Increase Weight Faster by ayurvedic

For skinny guys, weight gain is one of the main hurdles with which they are struggling. Most of time, after spending so much time and money on weight gain products available in market, they become depressed. Most of people write to us that, they loss their self- confidence due to their skinny physique. But now need to get worried as we have developed an Ayurvedic product which helps in weight gain. You can try out these tips to gain weight:

  1. Accumass weight gain Powder:

Accumass weight gain powder is enriched with the validated and sophisticated time-tested herbs. For weigh gain drink Accumass weight gain powder and milk shake twice a day for optimal results. Herbs present in Accumass weight gain powder are helpful to increase the uptake of minerals, vitamins and macronutrients from food and also provide extra nutritional supplements to the body.  Add two scoops of Accumass weight gain granules into the glass full of milk and shake well, after this Drink the delicious mixture of milk & Accumass weight gain granules.

  1. Accumass weight gain capsules:

Accumass Ayurvedic capsules for weight gain are enriched with the sophisticated time-tested 11 herbs that are well known for their broad spectrum results. Accumass weight gain capsules work synergistically to fortify immune system and increase appetite. Take 2 capsules twice a day after meals or as directed by physician.

  1. Manage your diet:

Add foods in your diet which are rich in calories and help to gain weight naturally. You can add dairy products, peanut butter bread, salad, nuts, sesame butter, whole wheat bread, dried apricots, coconut milk, and avocados in your daily diet regimen.

  1. Add carbohydrates in your diet:

To gain weight add carbohydrates in your daily diet routine such as rice, potatoes, legumes, beans, cereals and yogurt. These are some healthy food which contain rich amount of carbohydrates. Try to avoid foods such as junk foods and cakes.

  1. Eat frequently:

Eat frequently in a day; try to take small meals after every 3-4 hours to reduce the fat in your body. This will help you to slow down the metabolic rate effectively. Taking a meal after 6-7 hours make face look skinny and increase the metabolic rate. So, it is advised take a healthy meals after every 3-4 hours daily.

  1. Do exercise:

The extra calories that you intake to increase weight should be digested too in a proper manner. Otherwise, it may cause the indigestion, fatigue and build up a fat in the body. Therefore, it is necessary to burn calories through exercise to get the benefit of food. Do exercises in the proper guidance of trained person to improve the overall health.

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