How can I increase my height by using natural products

IF you want to increase height then adapt these 4 basic fundamentals in your daily routine. At the puberty level, there are more chances to grow as at this time, growth hormones are at their peak level. But it doesn’t mean that you are not able to increase you height after puberty. By using these easy tips in your daily life you can easily attain 2-3 inch height after puberty.

  1. Stretches and Exercises:

Stretching exercises help to increase the flexibility and elasticity of the body. It provides more room for growth by providing flexibility to spine. Stretching also help to strengthen back and make body posture better. Stretching & exercises also help to increase the secretion of growth hormones from pituitary glands. Stretching helps the muscle of the body and exerts pressure on the growing parts of the body. You can also try swimming, yoga asanas such as cobra pose, vertical bend and other activities such as basketball, leg kicking and skipping to increase height.

  1. Nutritional intake:

Nutritional intake plays important role in growth of the body and determines your overall growth. You can take diet which is intended to increase the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in the body. Diet rich in nutrients & minerals allows body to function better. Take a proper nutritional diet and exercise in your daily routine to trigger the growth of body. Add carbohydrates, protein, water, Vitamins and fats in your diet and try to add dairy products in your daily diet as they are packed with calcium and Vitamin D. Healthy diet helps to improve the bone density and muscle mass of the body. Try to avoid fried and junk foods.

  1. Sleep:

Studies showed that deep sleep can help to trigger the hormonal growth from the pituitary gland. At the sleeping time, less amount of blood is required by brain and it helps to tissue repair and muscle building in the body. Thus, if you want to increase your height in natural manner then try to get a deep sleep.

  1. Natural herbal supplements:

You can take Herbal supplements for the natural growth of body. You can take More Power Capsules for overall growth of the body. Hers such as Shatavari, Ashwaghanda, Gokshura and Amalki helps to increase height in natural manner. You can take 2 Capsules of More power twice a day with luke warm water or milk.

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