Baby Cleansing and Hygiene

Baby Cleansing and Hygiene ”Basics of Diapering your Baby”

Basics of Diapering your Baby

Great Water wipes for clean Diaper Change

Get Ready – Gather all Supplies

  • A Fresh Diaper
  • Changing Pad
  • Lukewarm Water/Water Wipes
  • Diaper Ointment

Make Sure all the Necessities are within your Reach.

Basics of Diapering your Baby-3It is better to distract your baby during the diapering process

How to change baby diaper


  • Wipe Gently(Front to Back)
  • Pat dry with Clean wash cloth
  • Lift Baby’s Legs & Ankles for better Cleaning

Step by step instruction for Diapering your Baby

Step by step instruction for Diapering your Baby

  • Open & Place it gently under the baby by lifting up legs
  • Bring the first part within baby’s legs
  • Fold the Diaper below waistline

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