During the period of Pregnancy, umbilical cord supplies, oxygen and nutrients to your developing baby. After birth, umbilical cord is no longer required therefore it is clamped and snipped leaving behind a short stump. Taking care of baby’s Umbilical Cord is an essential part of Baby’s overall health. Learn important tips, how to take care an infant’s Umbilical Cord Stump.

Umbilical Stump Cleaning in NewbornsBaby’s Cleansing & Hygiene – “Umbilical Stump Cleaning in Newborns” – Presented By Mother Sparsh


Baby’s Cleansing & Hygiene tipsBefore initiating the process of cleaning, remove all accessories like rings, bracelet, watch, and bangles which might hurt, irritate or hinder cleaning process. Wash your hands properly as newborns skin is delicate and readily prone to infections and allergies. Always make sure that your nails are properly trimmed. Long nails can harm baby’s eyes & skin and moreover there are chances of infections due to long nails.

Baby’s Cleansing tipsTill your baby’s stump has not fallen off, prefer sponge bath. Once the stump has fallen you can go for tub bath. Make sure the stump is dry after you have given your baby sponge bath. This will promote faster healing.

Baby’s Umbilical cord stump Cleaning
Always keep the front of your baby’s diaper folded down to avoid covering of stump so that it gets exposed to air. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommended cleaning base of stump with alcohol but researchers have found that untreated cords heal faster than Alcohol swabbed cords.

baby’s stump Umbilical CleaningUmbilical Cord stump, will take around 2-3 weeks to fall and the best is allowing it happen naturally but refrain from pulling the stump yourself. Soon stump will get darker in color and eventually fall off.


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