Baby Wipes – Best for Preventing Diaper Rash & Allergy

Now a days Baby Wipes are must thing for new mommy. Baby skin is thinner and anything applied on it can be readily absorbed making it more prone to allergy & redness. Diaper rash is a common problem for babies & it may happen even after a thorough cleaning. The reason many be the harmful chemicals used in baby wipes. Babies have very sensitive skin & even the softest baby wipes we use to clean a baby’s bottom can cause irritation. Therefore finding the best baby wipes is important in keeping baby’s bottom not only clean, but also Rash & Allergy free.
Choosing the best wipes for babies depend on the following factors:

• level of wetness
• texture
• fragrance (should by mild)
• natural ingredients
• durability
Experts suggest use of cotton ball and water for cleansing baby’s skin.

National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE, UK) recommends parents to clean newborn with pure water & cotton balls to avoid skin irritation.

Parents should prefer pure water based wipes for their babies to avoid any sort of allergy or harm to baby skin. It is always advised to select extra thick and unscented or mild fragrance wipes for babies as newborn don’t require heavily scented and soapy wipes.
Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are the purest wipes with 98% pure water that provide gentle sparsh to baby for keeping baby comfortable, happy & smiling. These wipes also prevent diaper rash caused due to skin irritation and bacterial infection. Further, Mother Sparsh baby wipes are also free from Parabens & Alcohol.


Mother Sparsh baby wipes

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