Baby Massage - Helps in Keeping Baby Calmer & Healthier - Learn How

As a father, I always passionate and profound regarding Products for My Baby. I always prefer usage of natural and herbal products for my baby, as they are free from chemicals and safe to use. To get more valuable knowledge about herbal products and baby’s health, I always reading up about what’s good and what’s bad for my baby. Recently, I come across the book of Ancient Ayurveda that contains benefits of baby massage oil and I felt astonished while studying Benefits of Baby Massage and how it helps unbelievably in keeping baby calmer & healthier.


We all know that, massage on daily basis works to form a lovely bonding between parents and child. Researchers found that it helps to deliver better sleep pattern and immune system in babies. It also helps to enhance intellectual skills, motor activity and muscles development in babies. As, it just take twelve month for baby to undergo an unbelievable transformation from newborn to toddler. In this period, baby massage works as a useful tool that helps in growth, development and in problems such as Colic Pain and Dryness.

Benefits of Baby Massage:


  • Promote lovely bonding in baby and parent.
  • Reduce colic pain, wind and discomfort due to teething.
  • Improve sleep pattern.
  • Enhance Intellectual growth and development.

Baby Massage is a lovely skill that helps a lot while your baby developing from newborn to toddler. Choosing right way and right oil for baby, simply doubles the effect of baby massage. It works beautifully to calm and sooth baby who is uncomfortable. Mostly, infant massage instructors recommend six strokes massage steps which should be applied slowly and calmly one by one. You can use Mother Sparsh Baby Massage Lal Tail for Baby Massage, as it contain various Ayurvedic herbs that delivers a broad-spectrum results in growth and development. While massaging, use your palm instead of fingers and put moderate pressure on baby.

While massaging, if your baby isn’t enjoying the massage, then just quit at first step. Before massage keep your baby cozy and cover him in soft towel.

Baby massage Tips


  1. Lay down your baby comfortably on his stomach and turn his head to one side.
  2. Pour a few drops of Mother Sparsh Oil on your hand and rub hands together.
  3. Begin massage with “I love you” stroke from forehead to the nape of the neck.
  4. Massage across shoulders with moderate pressure from center of neck.
  5. From neck, gently massage on back to hips with both hand. Don’t apply pressure on spinal cord.
  6. If baby’s tummy is soft (as sometime it become hard due to gas or constipation) then massage his belly in circular motion and clockwise stroke.
  7. Touch your baby gently and respectfully and stop massage if your baby is not enjoying the massage.

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