Mother Sparsh Baby On-The-Go Kit
Mother Sparsh Baby On-the-Go Kit is a convenient all-in-one solution that contains a full assortment of baby essentials which you keep while on-the-go. Mother Sparsh Baby On-The-Go kit contains Water Wipes (80 pcs), Ayurvedic Baby Powder, Ayurvedic Baby Lotion, Ayurvedic Baby Soap, Ayurvedic Body Wash and Ayurvedic baby massage Lal Tail. It contains all the products that you require most for gentle cleansing, protecting and nourishing baby’s soft and smooth skin. It has a smart handy baby kit case with clear-view products that helps you to easily keep things where you can see them and get to them quickly. While On-the-Go, just keep kit in your baby bag and it’ll be there when you need it. It has skin friendly baby products which help to keep your baby comfortable, happy & smiling.

Mother Sparsh Baby Kit Includes:

1. Mother Sparsh baby WaterWipes 80pcs. (1 unit)
-98% Purified Water
-Hypoallergenic (No Allergy)
-Free from Parabens & Alcohol

2. Mother Sparsh Baby Ayurvevdic lal tail 100 ml (1 Unit)
-100% Ayurvedic proprietary Medicine
-help in strengthening the bones and muscles

3. Mother sparsh Ayurvedic baby powder 100gm (1 Unit)
-Enriched with Tulsi & Aloe-vera
-Especially made for babies delicate skin

4. Mother sparsh Ayurvedic baby body wash 100ml (1 Unit)
-Ayurvedic baby body Wash
-No Parabens & No Silicon

5. Mother Sparsh Ayurvedic Baby lotion 100 ml (1 Unit)
-Ayurvedic Lotion
-Enriched with olive oil
-Aloe vera and vitamin E
-Free from Parabens & Silicon

6. Mother Sparsh Ayurvedic Baby Soap 75gm (3 Unit)
-Approved Ayurvedic baby Soap with Almond oil & Olive oil
-Helps to prevent from skin rashes

7. Reusable Baby Kit Free

Price: Rs 622/-

Available at: Buy Mother Sparsh Baby On-The-Go Kit at FirstCry
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