A balanced diet for Men

Balanced Diet for Men:

Energy -2500 kcal, Carbohydrates -300 g, Protein- 55 g, Fat- 95 g, Sugar- 120 g, Saturates-30 g, Salt- 6 g

A balanced diet for Women

Balanced Diet for Women:

Energy -2000 kcal, Carbohydrates -260 g, Protein- 50 g, Fat- 70 g, Sugar- 90 g, Saturates-20 g, Salt- 6 g

Get balanced diet for Men & WomenThe Right serving size (for both men & Women)
The Right Serving Size (Men & Women) – Foods | Portion Size
1- Carbohydrates like Cereal/Rice/ Potato : Your Clenched fist
2- Protein like Fish/Egg/ Dairy : Palm of your hand
3- Baked Foods Cakes/ Brownies: 2 of your fingers
4- Savouries like Popcorns : Your cupped hands-2
5- Butter & Spreads : Tip of your thumb

A Balanced Diet for Men & Women – Powered by Accumass Granules & Capsules

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