5 Tips For Cleansing Your Baby

Baby Cleansing is very important and is a crucial part of Hygiene. Cleansing is required for baby’s overall care.

Bathing your baby

Bath is the foremost thing which is necessary for maintain baby cleanliness and hygiene. It also helps to keep baby clean and tidy.
bath your Baby For Cleansing Your Baby

Clip the Nails

Keep baby’s nail trimmed so that baby should not scratch himself/herself. Best time to trim baby’s nails is when he/she is sleeping.
clip the nails for Cleansing Your Baby

Clean baby Ears

Mothers should clean the baby’s ears often. Make sure to clean the ears properly from outside not from inside.
Clean Baby eyes for Cleansing Your Baby

Nose Cleansing

Clean baby nose properly is essential part of overall baby cleansing as dried mucus collected in nose can create problem for baby to breathe.
Nose Cleaning for Cleansing Your Baby

Cleaning the Cord

This is an important part of baby and needs an extra special care, until it falls off. Make sure to clean the cord every time you change the diaper.
Cleaning the cord for Cleansing Your Baby

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5 Tips For Cleansing Your Baby
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