Blemishes are discoloration in skin. Blemishes are caused due to hormonal imbalance, improper skin care or can be result of poor diet. Add these five salads in your diet and get blemishes free skin. Roop Mantra Skin Care
5 Salads for Blemish free Skin-Roop-mantra

Radish: Rich in vitamin A, C and B9

Radish Rich in vitamin A C and B9-Roop-Mantra


Spinach: Rich in vitamin A, C , E, K and have high mineral content.

Spinach Rich in vitamin A-C-E-K-Roop-Mantra

Walnuts:- Rich in vitamin B and contain omega 3 fats.


Walnuts Rich in vitamin B and contain omega 3-Roop-Mantra

Avocados:- Rich in vitamin A, D and E

Avocados-Rich in vitamin A-D-E-Roop-Mantra


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