5 Foods to add in your Diet for Cleaning Colon

It’s important to clean the colon in order to get rid of harmful toxins and to keep the stomach healthy.
Include some foods in your diet which can help to clean your colon are given here.

Green Vegetables for Cleaning Colon

Eat plenty of green veggies for cleaning the colon and protecting the digestive tract.Eat Green vegetables for Cleaning Colon

Fermented Foods for Cleaning Colon

Fermented foods are a rich source of probiotic bacteria and reverse the damage done to the gut due to bacteria imbalance. Eat Fermented Foods for Cleaning Colon

Beans & Lentils for Cleaning Colon

Legumes, lentils, and beans aid digestion, clean the colon and are the richest source of fiber.Eat Beans and Lentils for Cleaning Colon

Dry Fruits for Cleaning Colon

The dry fruits like cranberries and prunes are good for your colon and act as a natural laxative.Eat Dry fruits for Cleaning Colon

Avocados for Cleaning Colon

The healthy fats in avocado ease stool passing through the intestines and thus help to prevent constipation.Add avocados in your Diet for Cleaning Colon

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5 Foods to add in your Diet for Cleaning Colon
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