5 Foods That Help In Diabetic Weight Gain

A diabetic person needs to watch their diet and daily food intake to maintain their optimum body weight. They can try these foods to maintain their body weight.

Eat Several Small Meals in a day

The body is unable to store what a diabetic person eats. It is important to fuel the body regularly by eating several small meals in a day. Choose foods that have a high glycemic index.
Eat Saveral Small Meals in a Day

Add Whey Protein In Your Daily diet

Protein provides energy over a longer period of time and also helps to boost the production of insulin and maintain healthy sugar levels in the body.
Eat Whey Protein In Your Diet

Add Almonds in Your daily Diet

Almonds provide a high source of energy and are low on sugar. These are the healthy choice for in between snacks to ensure that the body is getting enough food.
Add Almonds in Your Daily Diet

Add Beans in Your Daily Diet

Lentils, garbanzo beans and kidney beans are sources of complex carbohydrates and are a rich source of calories. Beans are also a good source of important dietary fiber.
Add beans in your Daily Diet

Add Salmon and Fish in Your daily diet

All kinds of fish and eggs contain a good amount of protein. Fish like salmon contain omega 3 fats, which help reduce cholesterol levels in the body.
Add Salmon and fish in your Diet

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5 Foods That Help In Diabetic Weight Gain
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