5 Food Types to aid Digestive Regularity

Primary causes of irregular bowel movements include dietary choices. Simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can help to improve your overall digestive health.
Below, we have put together a list of top 5 foods which help to improve digestive regularity.

Fruit to aid Digestive Regularity

Fruits contain antioxidants and fiber. Kiwis are highly effective laxative and bananas contain a high amount of fiber which improve digestion.
Fruits Gives you Digestive Regularity

Spices & Herbs to aid Digestive Regularity

Spices have been traditionally used to treat constipation and promote digestion such as coriander, cumin and turmeric etc.
Spices and Herbs Gives you Digestive Regularity

Legumes to aid Digestive Regularity

Cooked legumes are nutritious and a healthy source of fiber and protein. Beans and lentils provide twice as much fiber as most vegetables.
Legumes Gives you Digestive Regularity

Vegetables to aid Digestive Regularity

Along with the health benefits of vegetables, they are also a recommended source of dietary fiber and beneficial in digestion.
Vegetables Gives you Digestive Regularity

Grains to aid Digestive Regularity

Whole grains deliver important nutrients and the bran within the grain provides most of the fiber, which is important for digestive regularity.
Grains Gives You Digestive Regularity

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5 Food Types That Can Be Helpful in Digestive Regularity
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