4 – R of Early Education, Ensure a Healthy Start & Build a Solid Foundation for your Baby’s Future success and lifelong Productivity. It is what He/She Observes, learns and Develops as Habits Over Time.

Rhyme - Routines - Reward and Relationship - Mother Sparsh

Rhyme: Play Some Music (Low Volume) & Let Baby Show Its Best Move.

Rhyme Play Some Music & Let Baby Show Its Best Move

Routine: Maintain Baby’s Routine, Repeat All Tasks On Time

Routine Maintain Baby Routine-mother-sparsh

Reward: Applaud To Encourage Baby’s All Small Achievements

Reward Applaud To Encourage Baby-mother sparsh

Relationship: Spend Quality Time With Your Baby, It Helps in Developing a Strong Bond.

Relationship Spend Quality Time With Your Baby- Mother-sparsh#Mother Sparsh #Care of Ayurveda

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