4 Best Essential Oils for Curing Constipation

Constipation is a common disorder of digestive system and affects people of all age groups. Make use of these 4 essential oils to get relief from constipation naturally.

Ginger Oil Help to Cure Constipation

Mix 3-5 drops of ginger oil with some coconut oil and massage your stomach. The digestive stimulatory effects of ginger help to prevent constipation.Use Ginger Oil for Curing Constipation

Peppermint Oil Help to Cure Constipation

Massage your stomach with mixture of coconut & peppermint oil to stimulate the bowel movements and relaxing the muscles of the stomach.Use Peppermint Oil for Curing Constipation

Marjoram Oil Help to Cure Constipation

Add few drops of marjoram oil into hot steaming water. Breathe in the steam to improve the functioning of the digestive system and relieve constipation.Use Marjoram Oil for Curing Constipation

Fennel Oil Help to Cure Constipation

Mix few drops of fennel seed oil with small amount of any other oil. Gently massage your stomach with this mixture to get relief from constipation.Use Fennel Oil for Curing Constipation

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4 Best Essential Oils Which Help to Cure Constipation
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