Ingredients Of Natural Moisturizers

The season for flaky and dry skin is upon us. However, before you go and reach for that bottle of lotion, don’t forget to check its ingredients. Many of the ingredients present in your moisturizers will make your skin drier. Yes! They can interfere with the barrier on your skin and prevent the moisture from dissipating.

 Certain skin experts feel that some skin cream and moisturizers can increase signs of aging. They contain emulsifiers which are binding agents that allow water and oil to mix. This will leave a residue on the skin and interrupt the lipid barrier, thereby allowing water to evaporate at a faster rate. So, what happens is that you end up using more lotion, your skin gets drier, and this cycle continues.


Dangers of Using Chemical Moisturizers

Many moisturizers available at mass retailers are full of harmful ingredients. These chemicals are added to increase the shelf-life of the product or as a simple cost-cutting measure.

Some of the hazardous components you might come across in moisturizers are –

  • DEA: DEA (Diethanolamine) is one of the most dangerous ingredients found in skincare products. It can cause kidney and liver cancer.
  • Mineral Oil: Despite being one of the well-known toxins, many skincare products have mineral oil as a common ingredient. You can even find this in baby lotions.
  • Talc: Talc is commonly used as an anti-caking agent in baby powders. It is known to be a lung irritant and has been linked to ovarian and lung cancer.


Benefits Of Natural Moisturizers

Some of the benefits of using natural moisturizers are –

  • Restoring beauty and health to previously trouble-ridden skin
  • Removing fine lines and plumping the skin
  • Making skin smooth and soft
  • Reducing eruptions and irritations
  • Providing a healthy glow
Natural Moisturizer Products
                                                                  Natural Moisturizer

Best Homemade Moisturizers

1) Almond Oil and Aloe Vera Moisturizer

One of the biggest advantages of aloe vera is that it helps in rejuvenating the fibroblast cells of the skin. This makes the skin look younger and provides protection from the harmful UV radiations that damage the skin. The almond oil and aloe vera moisturizer will not only keep the skin supple and soft, but it will also remove wrinkles and tighten the skin.

Do you know almond oil has got various beneficial properties? It’s rich in Vitamin D and E and also helps in relieving dry and chapped skin. Furthermore, almond oil soothes irritated skin and can delay the aging process. For making this moisturizer, you need two tablespoons of coconut oil, four tablespoon aloe vera gel, two tablespoons of almond oil and one teaspoon of liquid vitamin E oil.

To make this moisturizer, take a clean bowl or cup. Add the almond oil and aloe into it and mix them well. Then you need to melt the coconut oil and add it to the mixture. Transfer the content to a bowl.

Almond Oil & Aloe Vera fo oily skin
                                                               Almond Oil & Aloe Vera

 2) Vitamin E And Vanilla Moisturizer

The ingredients used for making this moisturizer are half cup of shea butter, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla oil, 1/4 coconut oil, and one tablespoon vitamin E oil. Shea butter is quickly absorbed by the skin and helps in restoring the elasticity and moisture of the skin. Also, it is quite ideal for sensitive skin and provides protection from harsh air and sunlight.

Vanilla oil is one of the best antioxidants out there. It helps the skin to rid itself of free radicals. Plus, it is one of the best muscle relaxers and is similar to the lavender. Vitamin E oil is excellent in reducing the acne, scar tissues, and skin blemishes.

Vanilla Essence moisturizer
                                                                   Vanilla Essence

To make this moisturizer, take a mixing bowl and add the shea butter to it. Then you need to melt the coconut oil and add it to the bowl. Along with it add vanilla oil and vitamin E. Mix the ingredients well and freeze the mixture for 10-15 minutes. Transfer the content to an airtight jar or sealed container.

3) Coconut Oil And Lavender Moisturizer

This moisturizer contains three major ingredients – half cup of coconut oil, 12 drops of lavender oil and one teaspoon of liquid vitamin E.

Coconut oil has anti-aging properties and is one of the best moisturizers. Furthermore, it contains antibacterial, anti fungal and antimicrobial properties.

Vitamin E is known to avoid inflammation and aging of the skin. It helps in fighting skin cancer and boosts the immunity of the skin and reducing the acne, scar tissue, and blemishes. To know more, you can check out the Fix Your Skin info graphics for the various vitamins that are important for your skin and how to get them. Lavender Oil is commonly used as an antioxidant, and it helps the skin to get rid of free radicals.

Coconut & Lavender Oil Moisturizer
                                              Coconut & Lavender Oil Moisturizer

To create this moisturizer, you need to melt the coconut oil and mix lavender and vitamin E into it. Mix the ingredients well and shift it to a jar or bowl after it cools. Using a fork or your hand, apply it on your face.

Wrapping Up

Most of us like to have a fresh and radiant facial skin. Moisturizers are the best sources to remove blemishes and pimples, and they do make your skin soft. It is also advisable to use a serum before you apply moisturizer to enhance its benefits. This list can help you with selecting the best vitamin c serum for your skin type. It is always better to opt for natural moisturizers and make sure to consult your dermatologist before applying them.

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3 DIY Natural Moisturizers for Smooth Skin
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